Client overview

The client is a global leader in network and digital services. They excel in providing B2B digital services including digital transformation consulting, mobility, cloud, and data analytics. In addition to this, they also offer internet services including business VPN for security, fixed lines and VoIP telephony for better connectivity, and internet as well as network services including LAN, VPN, and ethernet. The client’s business generated more than £7.8bn revenue in 2020, had 3000+ multinational clients, and 2 million+ SOHO and SME clients including 43,000+ companies.

The problem

To ensure the quality of an order lifecycle management application, automation testing is essential. By automating the testing process, it is possible to test the application much more thoroughly and efficiently than would be possible with manual testing methods. The client wanted to optimize their existing automation system as it took a long time to execute regression testing, and had multiple limitations including sequential execution, complex reporting, lack of parallel execution and modularity, hard coded waits, frequent jitters and logouts, and huge maintenance cost. The sheer number of orders, size of the business, and the need to automate testing on numerous combinations of browser, interaction, and different sorts of users prompted the client’’s search for an experienced and trustworthy testing partner in the relevant domain.

Our solution

  • PureSoftware team backed by years of industry experience and deep-domain expertise started delivering business value right from day one.
  • The team performed regression testing on each release and sanity testing on each build to ensure that application’s critical functionalities are not quality compromised
  • A separate automation suite was developed for regression and sanity testing
  • Parallel execution on multiple browsers for multiple users was introduced
  • Logs including Application and Selenium logs were included in addition to Maven and Jenkins integration for CI/CD/CT support
  • Our team implemented automation on multiple test scenarios including complete regression, migration and non-migration, interfaces, parallel orders, bulk update orders, MLI, partial billing, and other functionalities


1300+ test scenarios and 7000+ test cases automated

Parallel execution reduced execution time

~93% quality improvement

~86% cycle time reduced

~98% defect removal efficiency

~20% reduction in Dev & QA cost due to early detection of bugs

~80% reduction in end-user issues followed by implementing regression testing at each phase

Multi-fold improvement in application quality ensured better UX and brand equity

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