Business Problem

One of our key clients with an extensive cloud customer base and thousands of users leveraging their cloud services globally sought tech support. The client wanted to run their cloud-based processes in a simplified manner and manage cloud service requests from customers efficiently.

Business Analysis

We connected with the client’s team to understand their situation and expectation from the project. Our cloud tech services, and support team analyzed their situation and understood that the client required end-to-end cloud tech support for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service. The service included full infrastructure (compute, network & storage) support, user management, application support, change request, and SLA-based operational support, which could help them cater to the requests from their cloud customers in a better way.

PureSoftware Solution

PureSoftware formed an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) team of engineers to manage all the OCI support activities for the client’s cloud Infrastructure and users to work in a multi-client environment collaboratively.

As a part of the solution, we empowered the client with

  • 30+ cloud-certified engineers who underwent OCI training, mentorship program and achieved OCI foundation certification to deliver better results.
  • 2 operations managers to maintain  CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and QoS (Quality of Service) and manage the KPIs and Customer LTV (Lifetime Value).
  • A team to manage the required services, operations, management, and tech support. Our team provided SLA based services and ensured operational support for 24/7/365 for the following services:
  • OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure): Managing core infrastructure support for computing, storage, and network
  • CAM (Customer Account Management): Managing the resources quota and limit for all the Infra services
  • IDCS (Oracle Identity Cloud Service): Dedicated security, identity, and access management support.
  • Cloud Assist: Dedicated support for cloud subscription monitoring and metering assistance.


PureSoftware Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) team of engineers helped the client in the following ways:

100% SLA and service availability and continuity of mission-critical systems

24/7/365 service support for OCI cloud infra and end-users

Handle more than 1000 tickets per month

Experience a significant reduction in issues and backlogs

Achieve highest 5/5 CSAT rating

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