Business Problem

Our client is a leading semiconductor company known for its innovation and expertise in delivering secure connectivity solutions for edge and embedded applications. They cater to various markets including automotive, industrial and IoT, as well as mobile and communication infrastructure. With a rich history of delivering high-performance products, the client aimed to create an advanced IoT gateway solution based on their i.MX series of application processors. The objective was to enable seamless connectivity, data processing, and secure communication for IoT devices, catering to the growing demand for smart and interconnected devices.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware developed the IoT gateway needed to support a wide range of IoT devices and protocols, ensuring scalability to accommodate future expansions. The project encompassed various critical aspects to deliver a comprehensive solution. Scalability and versatility were paramount, requiring the gateway to support a broad array of IoT devices and protocols. Security was a top priority as the gateway served as a link between IoT devices and the cloud, necessitating robust measures to safeguard against potential cyber threats.

Furthermore, the gateway was engineered with power efficiency in mind for various power save down modes. These features resulted in a highly capable and future-proof IoT gateway solution.

PureSoftware Solution

The development of the i.MX IoT Gateway involved a collaborative effort between the client and our team of skilled engineers and IoT experts. To meet the client’s specific needs, we developed optimized firmware for i.MX processor. The firmware included support for multiple IoT protocols and security features like encryption, authentication, and secure boot.

We integrated various communication modules and protocols to ensure seamless connectivity with diverse IoT devices. Our team developed data processing algorithms to manage streams of real-time data analytics capabilities within the gateway. Robust security features were integrated into the gateway to safeguard against potential cyber-attacks. Rigorous testing procedures were followed to ensure the gateway’s reliability, security, and interoperability. Additionally, necessary certifications were obtained to comply with industry standards.

PureSoftware Result

  • The successful development of the i.MX IoT Gateway showcased our team's expertise in IoT solutions. i.MX-based intelligent gateway proved highly beneficial for IoT, especially in home automation. It optimized energy by using a power-saving mode, transmitting data when necessary. The solution opened new possibilities for businesses and individuals seeking reliable, secure, and efficient IoT connectivity solutions.
  • Power management (power save mode) implemented by transmitting data on a need basis.
  • Technologies Used: C, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Linux Device Drivers for File System and Network Storage, GIT, Jira, Linux SDK from Freescale.