Business Requirement

The client required the development of a distributed electronic table gaming system powered by a wide range of technologies. They needed a digital roulette to be set up, and independent end-to-end testing was required with zero critical defects in production. Additionally, they wanted to enhance the existing test suite.

Business Analysis

Our team conducted a thorough analysis to fulfil the client’s business requirements. We utilized our expertise in embedded programming, Windows programming, and casino table games domain to develop digital roulette for the client. We leveraged test engineering and domain knowledge to create a new test case regression suite, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage.

PureSoftware Solution

Our solution addressed the client’s needs comprehensively. We successfully developed a sophisticated digital roulette for the client. The test case suite was designed using boundary-value analysis and equivalence partitioning techniques. Approximately 400 (75%) new test cases were written to enhance test coverage significantly. The suite also tracked test results and traceability, providing a thorough testing process


Our team of industry experts helped the client:

Develop a complete table gaming environment on Windows
Identify 150 new defects and achieved 100% test coverage
Successfully showcase product at G2E Vegas
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