Client Overview

The client is a SaaS provider for travel and hospitality that works with over 2200 plus customers in more than 100 plus countries to help them accelerate revenue growth by acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion.

The Problem

The client wanted an analytics platform designed to enable Tourist Boards or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), OTAs and other players in the travel industry to boost tourism traffic and revenue by employing intelligent analytical and measurement tools.

Our Solution

The first step involved data aggregation from multiple websites with data filtering in place which defined the relevant data to be collected and used text analytics for data scrapping. The most relevant information was identified using machine learning and stored in document DB during the data profiling process. PureSoftware’s team created an analytics and rules engine, helped in identifying the relationship between the data elements. The profiles for the identified data were also defined and the generated indexes were stored in GraphDB.

The indexes were exposed to tableau and over APIs. The Web APIs user interface helped in viewing analytical insights.

The Result

Customers monitored the performance of destinations on a domestic, intra-regional and international level, providing insightful visual analytics of origin-destination patterns, worldwide.

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