Can advancements in Artificial Intelligence replace Third Umpire in Cricket?

December 2, 2020

Ever thought Technology can provide a swing to the viewing experience of the highly played sport cricket? The growing advancements in technology are influencing cricket, significantly. Technology has enabled officials and viewers to observe the entire game process and minute details more precisely than before.

shutterstock 793583077Technology has been shaping cricket for years now, and over the years it has enabled tracking of the ball’s speed with various incredible strategies. We have been witnessing technology predicting the distance a ball covers when flying off the bat and time to reach the boundary. With technological advancement, now it is easy to predict deep insights into a sport and its playing trick.

With the speed at which technology is advancing, third umpires will be no longer required for judgment in the years to come, as artificial intelligence will replace them.

We have discussed here some ways in which technology is adding value to cricket by improving the sport experience than ever before.

AI and Power Bats
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled bat also known as Power Bat gives players, coaches, and viewers, etc. a completely unique way to engage with the sport and help improve their game. The Power Bat is a one-of-its-kind concept, wherein a light-weight technology-enabled sticker is stuck on the shoulder of the bat which keeps it completely unobtrusive.

With this power bat, when a batsman hits the ball, data on various parameters, including speed and twist on impact and quality of the shot, etc. are captured in a new unit of measurement.

Data Analytics Techniques
Cricket teams can create, and switch strategies based on the data derived from ML through AI, which can enable them to know the strengths and weaknesses of the competing team. Technology-based solutions can help a team to challenge opposite teams’ strengths and target their weak points to win the match.

Forecasting a Cricket Event
A database was launched in 2018 to forecast the events of cricket, which leverages AI and Machine Learning (ML) to explore the capabilities of the player during the hiring process. The database is transparent, open, and can be analyzed by anyone, which makes it invalid for the speculations of favoritism, especially during the events like T20 and IPL, and promises a fair chance for every player. The database is based on an algorithm that functions on the parameters, such as fate quantification, quick response, and process judgment in real-time.

Data Analytics-Powered Smart Stats Metrics
Launched a couple of years back, a data analytics-based database enables the audience and commentators to judge the performance of the players during a limited-over match. It considers the condition of the pitch, match situation, and quality of opposition, to judge a player’s capability to compete and take pressure without letting it impact the performance. This database is based on different metrics, such as Smart Wickets, Pressure Indices, and Player Quality Index, and covers the entire game.

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