Future of IOT: Where Will it lead to in 2020?

February 21, 2020

The world is rapidly heading towards an era where everything will be connected and can be controlled seamlessly with a smartphone. This vision is no longer a distant reality with the technology advancing at an unprecedented pace. There is a lot of hype about the Internet of Things (IoT) these days. IoT is leading to the complete automation of the physically existing world. It is bringing an increasing number of things into the digital fold every day.

What’s the Future of IoT?

In the future, the IoT will look like billions of cost-effective, small, low-powered devices that offer actionable insights into everything important for an organization. Below are the striking IoT trends to watch out in 2020:

Rise in Conversion to Smart Cities

The IoT advancement is in full swing, and smart cities are likely to expand its reach, far and wide this year. Soon there will be smart cities that will invest in advanced technologies that will leverage data access between entities. The key information collection tools and instruments such as video kiosks, surveillance cameras, etc. will be linked to the internet. Intelligent homes with automated gadgets in it are anticipated to become the preferred choice. This will result in a better lifestyle, improved security and augmented development and proper traffic management. With IoT getting embedded, businesses will become faster, smarter, more effective and profitable.

Increase in Number and Types of IoT Devices

The number of connected devices is growing unprecedently. As per Gartner, there will be almost 20 billion devices connected to the IoT by 2020. This spike is not just limited to the number of connected devices, but also the types of devices. Some of the key IoT devices that are highly likely to go mainstream are smart locks, voice assistants, and doorbell cameras, among others.

IoT Security will take a Centre Stage

With IoT growing continuously, the industry leaders will have to shift their focus on protecting data from hacking, threats, and cyberattacks. The steady increase in the adoption of IoT tools and technologies is likely to be accompanied by the augmentation of IoT security awareness and training. The future will witness biometric logins becoming a norm, and machine to machine authentication overlapping. The industry is expected to experiment with technology combinations such as IoT and big data, AI and ML to eliminate data breaches.

Edge Computing

Edge computing holds a lot of potential for IoT mobile app developers and companies, which makes it one of the key IoT emerging trends for 2020. Edge computing enables better management of the vast amount of data being sent by an IoT device, cuts down the dependency on cloud and helps apps perform faster with reduced latency.

The Bottomline

The above mentioned emerging IoT trends present a clear picture of what you can expect from IoT in the coming time. With IoT penetrating every sector at a rapid pace, companies are considering a full-fledged business in the IoT sector. Businesses that are eager to dive into the world of IoT and rise as an icon in this space can explore possibilities with PureSoftware IoT services.


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