Be the Smartest and Not a Stupid Person in a Conversation

November 6, 2017

Tell a good story

Good conversation is about storytelling, be it in a meeting, casual discussions or formal presentations. The process of storytelling is about engaging others to the thrill of it. A storyteller also solicits stories from others. This is what makes a conversation more meaningful. A smart person has good story telling capabilities.

Analyze from other’s perspective

This is all about emotional intelligence, wherein you place yourself in other’s shoes and analyze the idea differently.  Understanding other person’s perspective in a conversation makes you redefine the way you wish to present your idea effectively, without negative impacts.

Don’t focus on words only

Listening is not only about interpreting words but also observing body language and the other signs like tone, gestures, etc., and interpreting it in context. A smart person never misses the secondary signals that include other person’s body language. We must learn how to listen to what people are saying with their bodies.

Make people smile and laugh

Humor not only makes conversation lighter and entertaining but also depicts inherent flexibility and tolerance towards varied ideas. A smart person assesses an idea from multiple perspectives and finds humor in it, this is an essential character of a speaker and makes you center of the conversation. A smart person is generally good with humor.

Have balanced conversations

A stupid (opposite of smart) person is either listening all the times and not talking, or talking all the time and not listening. They are extreme in their conversational ways. They don’t tend to catch the rhythm of the conversation.

Have something new to add

New ideas act as a catalyst in the conversation, they are stimulating. Human beings are designed for continuous learning, and naturally, they get hooked to someone with new and stimulating ideas. A smart person can analyze the conversation and situations in real time, proving new ideas.

Too much irrelevant details

The stupid person mostly presents their point with too much detail that isn’t relevant. “My uncle, whose name is Rajan, lives near Apollo Hospital, in SeeView Apartment, 2nd Floor, will be visiting me this Sunday”. Isn’t that boring?

Have an opinion

Typically, a stupid person does not have an opinion. This is primarily for the reason that they cannot visualize what they have learned, read or believed. Creating an opinion involves critical thinking. Unless you can think critically you may not have an opinion, and hence you may no longer be the center of the conversation.

Don’t do the same thing

A boring person does the same thing all times. If they like watching TV after office hours they will continue to do so, sacrificing a fun dinner evening with friends.

Most Importantly: Make sure you are not pushing someone to be stupid. It’s your responsibility to make sure that someone in the circle of conversation isn’t feeling left out. And if you don’t do so you’re stupid.

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