Automated Testing for a Large Financial Services Company

September 30, 2018


  • Substantial number of manual test cases. Release frequency: Once every two months.
  • 200 web services to be tested with every release, with new web services added in every
  • 500+ number of web-services to be tested
  • 7000 manual test cases for web and desktop applications.
  • Prioritization of test cases for automation
  • Handling custom controls (3rd party controls) in QTP automation as for few controls there were no QTP add-ins.
  • Vigorous testing and customization of Framework with every release


  • Keyword framework for automation using QTP
  • JAVA and Web services add-in used
  • Web services testing were automated for all already created services and newly added web services with every release
  • Basic components of the framework:
    • Test Cases Folder: It contains all the test scenarios.
    • Test Results Folder: It contains test results details corresponding to all the tests.
    • Object Repository Folder: It contains object repository of the application under test and details of the wsdl files for web services testing.
    • Utility Folder: It contains details regarding environment variables, vbs file for database authentication, username and password details, various wsdl files etc.
    • Driver Script folder: It contains various vbs files to initialize and load QTP with required add-ins. Controller Folder: It contains framework related files.


  • All manual test cases were automated and with every new release new manual test cases were automated
  • 7000+ test cases manual testing involved 8-10 testers testing for two months. With automation, the number of test cases came down considerably.
  • In addition, the manual testers could not focus on doing new feature testing and more creative regression testing, rather than regression testing based on same test cases every time, had to be adopted
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