Network Listening Module

Reducing the deployment time and cost for faster connectivity

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Deployment of small cells is a perfect solution to overcome the challenges of coverage and capacity and Arttha5G Network Listening Module (NLM) helps telecom operators deploy these low-powered base stations seamlessly.

Built on a powerful NXP® LA9310 chipset, this cost-effective solution can be easily integrated into small cells to cut down their deployment time. Our NLM software solution enables small cells to complete vital synchronization, network monitoring, and configuration steps automatically.

Arttha5G Network Listening Module solution provides:

  • Network information for the 5G neighboring cells – useful for SON
  • Timing (1PPS) and frequency (10 MHz) accurate reference derived Macro/Micro Network
  • Alternative to GPS blackouts in indoor environments – more accurate than PTP

Network Listening Module - Features

Arttha5G offers Network Listening Module for faster small cells deployment

Reliable | Cost-efficient | Easy to integrate

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