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Redefining homes in this new interconnected era with Arttha5G

We all are living in this hyperconnected world where everything is getting smarter and just a click away, including homes. Now more and more people are opting for smart homes as not only are all devices and applications interconnected but also highly secure.

Arttha5G smart home solutions enables home automation and let people experience the luxury of connected devices. Combining the power of next-gen technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, and faster connectivity, our solutions are smartly designed and developed to offer interoperability along with enhanced security.

  • Network
  • Faster
  • Ultra-reliable
    low latency
  • Massive network


Faster and reliable connectivity is the key to making smart homes work exceptionally well. From smart appliances to security devices, everything at home must be well connected. Arttha5G smart home solutions offer fast wireless connectivity to automate and control your devices easily.


Our smart home solutions are interoperable and support most industry-leading ecosystems. We ensure that data collected across devices can flow freely between systems and create a seamless user experience regardless of which system it originated from.


When it comes to technology, security is a major concern for many. Arttha5G smart home solutions are designed and developed with security in mind. With built-in strong authentication features, one can be sure their home is always safe against all kinds of threats including malware protection and theft deterrence.

Most popular Smart Home Categories

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart kitchen
  • Smart audio
  • Smart appliances
  • Smart home security
  • Smart displays
  • Smart showers
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