Smart Cities

Digitizing the cities of the future

Discover the new world of smart connected cities with Arttha5G

As our world becomes increasingly digitized, so must our cities too. Smart city initiatives are the talk of the town across the globe as leaders strive to make their cities more efficient, sustainable, and livable.

Arttha5G smart city solutions enable faster network connectivity using technologies like IoT, small integrated cells, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi making it possible to turn data collected from various city sensors into valuable insights. These insights can be used to manage city resources more efficiently, offer new services to citizens, and make cities more livable for everyone.

  • Data
  • Faster
  • Ultra-reliable
    Low Latency
  • Massive


Data collected through various IoT devices can freely flow between systems because standards ensure that the data can be read and used regardless of which system it originated from. This allows for much more effective and efficient use of resources, as well as improved security due to increased transparency.

High Security

Arrtha5G smart city solutions ensure the much-needed security that is required for the successful adoption of IoT technologies. Our products are built with end-to-end encryption that prevents data breaches and protects user privacy.

Scalable deployment

Our comprehensive smart city solutions can be deployed at any scale and offer a wide range of applications. Our products are designed to be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, making it easier and more cost-effective to implement smart city technologies.

Most popular Smart City Applications

  • Traffic management
  • Autonomous vehicle operation
  • Intelligent street lighting
  • Public safety and security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Smart Utilities
  • Smart Buildings
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