Successfully implemented Arttha5G O-RAN RU solution for a renowned European telecom company

We helped a leading European telecom company implement Arttha5G O-RAN RU on the reference hardware platform for higher spectral efficiency.

Business Problem

Our client, one of the leading European telecom operators, wanted a working solution of Arttha5G O-RAN Radio Unit (RU) running on a reference hardware (H/W) platform called Bonnyrigg, supporting both Sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2),  FrontHaul and RF FE (front end).

They needed a solution for low-to mid-band frequency range (FR1) that is compatible with both analog front-end (AFE) and radio frequency (RF) solutions. The client also wanted us to conduct thorough end-to-end testing involving DU-Simulator connected over eCPRI through fibre and Bonnyrigg supporting FrontHaul, LowPhy+DFE and RF FE.

Business Analysis

We reached out to the client’s team and gathered all the requirements for a 5G solution in detail. We understood their problem and created a customized strategy to help the client efficiently implement a high-frequency Arttha5G O-RAN RU running on reference H/W platform.

PureSoftware Solution

After understanding the client’s requirement, our Arttha5G team seamlessly implemented Arttha5G O-RAN RU solution on their reference hardware platform. We met the performance specs requirements as per the 3GPP specification. The digital front end downlink chain was operated at digital-to-analog converter rate of 491.52 MSPS.

As per the client’s requirements, we also conducted the end-to-end testing using Matlab based 5G NR RU Frequency domain test vectors (for frequency division duplex (FDD) mode mu1_100MHz) and decoding analysis on vector signal analysis (VSA) equipment for the constellation, EVM, PSD etc.


With our Arttha5G RU solution, the client was able to achieve:

Better throughput for wide area coverage

Interoperability among connected devices

Ultra-reliable low latency for faster communication

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