Adobe Desktop application offering cloud services

November 3, 2017


  • Feature enhancements of desktop application built for large user base across multiple geographies
  • Large regression test suite which needed to be re-executed prior to product go-live (every 2 months)
  • Maintain decent success rate of auto-updating application despite frequent release cycles for a large user base
  • To monitor and take appropriate actions post each release activity


  • Identified and remove unnecessary cases from test suite and enhance old regression suite to cover features added in past sprints.
  • Helped to automate the sanity test suite for daily builds covering auto-update of application.
  • Ensured coverage of regression test suites along with new feature testing on QA/Staging/Production environments.
  • Suggested to enhance the collection process for data analytics to track application’s behavior in real world.


  • Smooth release and go live activities
  • Excellent quality deliverables with no failures from field
  • Continuous increased adoption of application by end users
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