Accelerating invoice generation process by leveraging RPA for the Manufacturing Industry

August 10, 2021

Business Problem

Our client, a leading nutrition products company, had a very complex invoice generation process due to the global delivery system that involves different taxes, insurance, along with logistics. The company was handling the process manually, which included taking printouts, manual sorting and filing of around 500 invoices every day.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware team collaborated with the client’s team and analyzed the entire scenario to identify the critical issues before initiating any solution. We formed a detailed strategy to plan out the answer to help the client automate tasks like sorting and grouping invoices.

PureSoftware Solution

PureSoftware RPA COE (Center of Excellence) designed and automated the process by following a phase driven deployment approach which included reading and extracting DPO numbers from 4 types of PDFs named ‘Invoice’, ‘Packing List’, ‘Insurance’, and ‘COA’ by splitting them. Bot then combined the separated PDFs based on DPO numbers to generate a complete or incomplete set of documents and uploaded it on SharePoint.​

With RPA implementation, the client got access to a complete set of documentation that can be retrieved for future reference and audit purposes as and when required.​

The invoice generation process includes 

  • Reading and extracting DPO number, country description, date from all the input PDFs
  • Comparison of details in ‘Invoice’, ‘Packing List’, ‘Insurance’, and ‘COA’
  • For invoices, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scans alternate pages as every 2nd page contains the Terms and Conditions​
  • Bot merges templates with the generated PDFs based on DPO number


Our RPA solution helped the client in the following ways:

  • 90% of invoice generation is now done by the bot
  • Reduced the client’s efforts significantly 
  • Time required to complete the process reduced from 60 mins to 10 mins 
  • Prompted cost reduction 

Effort Reduction


Reduced efforts significantly

Time Reduction


Process time reduced from 60 mins to 10 mins

Cost Reduction 


Around USD 9000 saved per month

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