Provided Application Management Services (AMS) to an American Software Technology Company 

August 19, 2021

Business Problem

Our client, an American software technology company, was looking for a team to provide end-to-end support for their Electronic Data Capture (EDC) tool. The tool is used by life-sciences companies across the globe and requires comprehensive support to function flawlessly when used by multiple end customers. Hence, the client required an extensive management and support service covering application support, change request, and support requests from their customers.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware application management services (AMS) team analyzed the client’s requirements and found a perfect solution. Our team assisted them in overcoming their shortcomings of handling and managing all the support activities for their EDC tool and make it work smoothly in a multi-vendor environment.

PureSoftware Solution

After closely monitoring the client’s situation, we formed two teams of engineers to handle all the support services for their EDC tool to work simultaneously in a multi-vendor environment.

To carry out different kinds of support and management work, we classified the team into the application support team and the support request team.

We formed the application support team to take care of script development used for solving support tickets, patch improvements and version updates. The support request team was further classified into two- server management team and windows server admin team. The server management team was responsible for server-related issues, like server preparation, space assessment, and server decommissioning. On the other hand, the windows server admin team handled general and migration tickets. General tickets are integration support tickets and change requests mainly for day-to-day support (GoLive and Post GoLive). Migration tickets are change requests for server migrations typically resolved by running standard scripts. By forming separate teams, we were able to scrutinize everything closely and finish everything on time.


With the help of our team, the client was able to:  

Provide 24 hours dedicated service for the end-users using the EDC tool 

Achieve significant percentage reduction of issues  

Generate more business as customers’ requests were handled efficiently 

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