Implemented a Cloud-based software solution for a leading scientific informatics company to digitize the laboratory workflows

August 17, 2022

Business Problem

Our client, a leading UK-based scientific informatics company, focuses on the digitalization of laboratory workflows, including data management, analysis and visualization, having many R&D customers, which include top companies in the Pharma, Biotech, Chemical, Food & Beverages sectors. They were looking to digitize the lab workforce of their customers, for which they needed an experienced partner with deep domain knowledge to understand customer requirements. They were looking for someone having expertise in streamlining and configuring various application products that can cater to the needs of their customers in the best possible way.

PureSoftware Solution

After analyzing all the client’s requirements, we understood that before initiating the application product implementation, we must study and understand laboratory activities, workflows, requirements, and timelines to deliver efficiency. Hence, PureSoftware deployed a dedicated team of proficient and accomplished scientists having in-depth experience in industrial and academic research. These scientists were highly qualified in different areas of Life Sciences and Chemistry, making it easier for them to understand and synthesize our client’s customer requirements.

Once this was done, we moved on to implementing and deploying a cloud-based platform that can easily store and streamline data and accelerate the digitization of laboratory activities, including workflow support, documentation, searching, recording, and tracking. After proper configuration, we successfully implemented the application products in the customer environment.


After the deployment of cloud-based application products, the client was able to:

Go paperless, automate their lab processes (end-to-end), and reengineer their scientific workflows

Seamlessly collaborate across labs in real-time, reduce tedious manual data exchange, and were able to communicate effectively

Take better data-driven decisions

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