Human Capital Management Solution for an Automobile Provider

November 4, 2017


  • Client was facing challenge in maintaining Standalone systems and using SAVIOR for Time-Attendance & Payroll for their multiple location offices.
  • Needed a cost effective integrated standard HCM solution.
  • There was no fixed pattern for shift which made it difficult to track the employees.
  • Task Management was an issue
  • Lack of self-service access to the employees.


  • Proposed implementing Ramco’s HCM solution that can achieve statutory compliance, PMS, Recruitment, reports & employee tracking across the organization.
  • PureSoftware could resolve their complex shift structure with Ramco’s solution.
  • Implemented goal management.
  • Employees are now using ESS (Employee Self Service) and the system is accessible through Ramco HCM Mobile Application.


  • Provided a centralized solution for HR administration.
  • Improve the accuracy and speed of Data availability.
  • Standalone SAVIOR systems replaced with one standard solution.
  • Faster payroll processing leading to reduction in time and avoiding redundant activities
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