D Pharm

September 20, 2023

PureSoftware’s senior leadership attended DPharm: Disruptive Innovations 2023 as representatives to showcase how PureSoftware is at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform and elevate the clinical trial landscape, ensuring that research processes are more streamlined, efficient, and patient-centric.

DPharm: Disruptive Innovations 2023 is an annual conference that is dedicated to the advancement of clinical trials, promises to be a pivotal event in the field. This gathering is designed to delve deep into the latest innovations shaping the landscape of clinical research. The conference has a pronounced emphasis on enhancing the efficiency of clinical operations while simultaneously alleviating the burdens faced by patients, research sites, and healthcare practitioners involved in research initiatives.

Dates: 20th-22nd september 2023

Location: Boston, MA, USA

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