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Making industry 4.0 a reality

Recreating digital
threads for Industry 4.0 with ultra-reliable Arttha5G

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The 5G standard is the foundation for many industrial IoT applications. The modern factory is already a highly complex environment, and it is only going to become more so as we move towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0. In order to manage this complexity, we need reliable communications networks that can support huge amounts of data and connect different parts of the factory seamlessly. This is where Arttha5G comes in.

Arttha5G also opens new possibilities for how factories can be reconnected and operated by eliminating the need for wired connectivity and creating a unified, more powerful 5G wireless ecosystem for Industry 4.0 applications. It creates a perfect combination of compute, security, and connectivity to connect factory floor with maximum bandwidths for data-intensive applications.

  • Ultra-reliable
    Low Latency
  • Increased
  • Wireless
  • Enhanced mobile

Multiple Applications

Arttha5G provides a diverse range of applications that cater to all sorts of industrial requirements. Our wide range of end-to-end solutions helps our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Wide Frequency Range

Our industrial 5G solutions support a wide frequency range (FR1-FR2) and superior flexibility to enable a variety of business applications and provide operational efficiency.

Industry-Wide Deployment

From indoors to harsh outdoor environments, our solutions allows industry-wide deployment making them ideal for a broad range of applications.

Creating Powerful 5G Air Interface

By offering diverse services, spectrum, and deployment, Arttha5G enables industries to design a unified and much more powerful 5G air interface that:

  • Supports ultra-reliability with end-to-end latency below 1 ms
  • Offers replacement for Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) and Ethernet
  • Provide enhanced mobile broadband (eMMB) for new extended reality (XR) use cases
  • Allows industries to leverage shared and unlicensed spectrum

Arttha5G Industrial Use Cases

  • Process
  • Remote monitoring of
    production assets
  • Collaborative
  • Analytics to predict breakdowns & downtimes
  • Augmented reality
    for repairs
  • Additive
  • Creation of new
    business models
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