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Arttha5G is an ORAN compliant 5G platform that enables companies to deploy digital RF front end solutions. We bring energy efficiency, low cost of ownership, and quick time to market possibilities.

Our focus areas:

  • Ultra Low
  • Enhance Mobile
  • Scalable and
  • Massive Machine Type

What differentiates Arttha5G


Customizable and flexible business models.

Integrated Stacks

Get end-to-end integrated stacks (L3-2-1+ FAU) all in one place.

Early Market Entry

Save time and efforts on integration and validation for early market entry.

O-RAN Compliant

ORAN compliant solution that provides industry-leading performance with minimal cost.

Target Areas

Arttha5G is perfect for all industry verticals, including cellular infrastructure, and smart cities.

Value Added Services

Avail of the best 5G value-added offerings, including assistance in 3GPP Radio conformance, productization, and software updates.


Leading Embedded Innovation

  • Works with 5 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Telecom and Semiconductor Companies
  • Delivered 200+ Successful projects across domains
  • Ability to scale up quickly as per need
  • Worldwide Strong & Proven expertise
  • Quality Engineers across levels
  • Experience in Standard Protocols & Methodologies

Arttha5G Capabilities

  • LowPhy + DFE + DPD
  • Built on industry-leading chipset
  • Support for FR1 and FR2(mmWave) 7-2x splits
  • Compliant with small cell forum specifications
  • End to End ORAN compliant O-RU software solution
  • Flexibility to digitally linearize any third party PA
  • e-CPRI based fronthaul, support for beamforming (Digital/Analogue)

Unleash the power of 5G

With globally trusted Arttha5G, discover a new world, which is 10x faster, greener, and more economical.

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