5G Technology: Catalyst for Employee Productivity and Better Customer Experience!

May 5, 2020

The growing inclination of businesses towards the internet, especially during pandemics like COVID-19 is making innovation in technology more important than ever. Cloud computing has altered the digital landscape forever, and 5G technology is following the same footsteps. 5G seems to be the answer to businesses’ uncalled requisite for a solution that promises of handling data faster – and on various devices in a location.

The online obsession of businesses is visible and is set to grow even more in the coming time. Simply put, 5G is the next generation of wireless technology present at the core of the cellular and communicative networks. All upgrades guarantee faster speeds and consistency, but 5G technology promises businesses up to 10x faster than the current 4G LTE technology. Businesses struggling with data speed, long lag times can unleash the power of 5G to experience faster data speeds, a reduction in lag time, and a greater density for smart devices.

5G Wireless Technology is Far-Reaching; Not Just Limited to Smartphones

“As per an MIT Technology Review, 5G technology’s contribution to the global domestic product (GDP) will be close to a total of $2.7tn, the present size of India’s economy.”

It’s worth noting that though 5G is currently linked to smartphones only, it will be far-reaching. This next generation of wireless technology is said to have the potential to be a ‘cure-all’ to all modern networking problems. This technology is likely to take substantial traction as an active ingredient in a technological revolution beyond mobile; improving smart home devices, home broadband, games consoles, and eventually in city infrastructure.

A New Digital Landscape Ahead!

5G promises faster downloads and faster responses from applications due to lower latency. Making sensors more widespread and responsive, this technology is enabling businesses to react to information in real-time.

The various promised benefits of 5G technology are obvious, both for augmenting digital transformation through heightened efficiency while unleashing huge opportunities for seizing IoT’s business value. Companies and businesses keen to avoid falling off the bandwagon and maintain pace with the competition, must embrace technologies such as 5G and adapt to whatever lies ahead in the future.

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